Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have to believe to be a part of the Gathering?   We do not require any statements of faith other than that you believe that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Matthew 16:16)   That is the Biblical statement and anything required beyond that is unnecessary.   We make no statements about the inerrancy of the Scriptures or the virginity of Mary.   While the congregation might have near unanimous agreement on those issues, the Bible does not make them a requirement for fellowship. So you will find the Gathering to be a place where people come together around Christ. They might have very different political and social opinions, but they agree that Jesus is the “way, the truth, and the life.”

How long until you will have a building?   Being a new church is not easy.  We presently rent a building that is simple but adequate for our needs.  Now there will come a day when the journey will put down roots somewhere, but the spirit of the Gathering calls for simplicity and a focus on God and people – not on brick and steel.

Do you have a youth group?   Not yet.   We are just beginning and like other necessary ministries, it takes time and people to move forward.   Teenagers need specialized ministry and it is extremely important.   Like other programs at the Gathering, the focus will be on spiritual development through Bible study and small groups.  

Are you a split off of another church?   No!   The church often multiplies by dividing, but that is not our story.   The Gathering is a vision of Don and Nina Vanzant.   Don was a pastor in Versailles for twelve years and then moved to Illinois for five. His decision to launch the Gathering was confirmed by the church he left there as they laid hands on him and sent him out, and he has the support and encouragement of his denomination.   To read about his leaving Illinois, go here

How long has the Gathering been around?   Don & Nina moved to Lexington in July of 2007.   That Fall they began a small group in their home that was composed mostly of their family.   In March of 2007 they began having meetings at Midway College, Lexington and began Bible 101 as well as local outreach projects.   In January of 2009 the Gathering began the Alpha Course at Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School in preparation for the launch in March, 2009.

Do you have contemporary or traditional music?   Yes.   We believe that worship is timeless and should not be categorized based on a preference of music.   We use new and old songs and like a variety of styles – anything that gives God praise.

Who is paying for all of this?   Central Christian Church in Danville, Illinois sent the Vanzants off to Lexington to plant the Gathering with a generous love gift.   Then the Illinois/Wisconsin Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) gave a large donation, the first such gift to a church out of the donor’s region.   The Kentucky Region has given three donations, as well as a grant from the New Church Ministry office of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).   Beyond that, it has been through the tithes of the small band of followers that met for over a year in preparation for the launch and the gifts from many friends and family members of the Vanzants’.

How do I join the Gathering?   Joining is simple.   First you affirm the Membership Covenant.   All members make that commitment every year.   Then, during the time of commitment at a worship service you come forward and make your statement of faith in Christ to the congregation.   If you have been baptized, then your previous baptism is honored.  If you have not been baptized, plans will be made for you to take that step.   The church office will notify the church of your previous membership of your transfer. 

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